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Keisuke Tsukidate (築館 敬助, Tsukidate Keisuke) is a character in Bakuten!!. He is the vice-captain of the Ao High School boys' rhythmic gymnastics team who is currently in his third year of high school.


Keisuke first joined the men's rhythmic gymnastics club with Nagayoshi after witnessing Masamune participate in the sport himself. He is currently the team's vice-captain and all-rounder.

He is a childhood friend of Masamune and Nagayoshi.


Keisuke has mid-length, warm gray hair that is usually styled parted to one side. He has dark blue eyes, and he wears thin-framed glasses.

He wears his blue and white tracksuit zipped up all the way to his neck whenever he's outside of the gym or clubroom. His practice attire is usually a dark blue t-shirt with a green line running horizontal across his chest, paired with black fitted sweatpants. His casual fashion is comfortable and laid-back.


Keisuke is the most laid-back of the third-years in the club. He is gentle and easy-going, and is shown as a very hands-on and caring vice-captain to the juniors of the club.

As the most level-headed senior, he takes it upon himself to reel in the other members of the club whenever they get too intense.


  • The name Keisuke means "respect" (敬) (kei) and "help, rescue, assist" (助) (suke).
  • Keisuke's surname Tsukidate means "fabricate, build, construct" (築) (tsuki) and "building, mansion, large building, palace, hall" (館) (date).


  • Keisuke was born in Miyagi.
  • His family runs a shrine.
  • A hobby of his is moss bonsai.