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Shunsuke Azuma (吾妻俊介, Azuma Shunsuke) is a character in Bakuten!!. Shunsuke is a new member of the Shiro High School boys' rhythmic gymnastics team. A first-year high school student.


Born in Chiba, Shunsuke's family owns a surf store and opens a beach tea shop in the summer.

He was swimming and surfing as a child, but became interested in rhythmic gymnastics in junior high school after admiring the acrobatics of movie and TV heroes.


Shunsuke has mid-length, strawberry blond hair. It sticks up at the sides and falls into bangs that cover his forehead. His eyes are light brown in color.

He wears his purple and white tracksuit either zipped up all the way to the collar or partially open. His practice attire consists of a regular, white t-shirt and beige-colored shorts. He also wears a black sweatband on his right wrist.


Shunsuke is energetic and enthusiastic. He throws himself with vigor into anything he's doing, and — as though without an off switch — will not stop until he has accomplished his task.