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Soshukan High School (私立蒼秀館高等学校) also known as Ao High School (アオ高) is a high school located in Miyagi Prefecture.

Boys' Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Members

Shotaro Futaba Face.png Ryoya Misato Face.png Kotaro Watari Face.png
Shotaro Futaba Ryoya Misato Kotaro Watari
First Year First Year Second Year
Masamune Shichigahama Face.png Keisuke Tsukidate Face.png Nagayoshi Onagawa Face.png
Masamune Shichigahama Keisuke Tsukidate Nagayoshi Onagawa
Third Year - Captain Third Year - Vice Captain Third Year

Boys' Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Staff

Shusaku Shida Face.png Asawo Kurikoma Face.png
Shusaku Shida Asawo Kurikoma
Coach Manager


  • The surnames of the characters are all real places in Miyagi.