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Toru Takase (高瀬亨, Takase Tōru) is a character in Bakuten!!. Toru was born in Aomori and is the captain of the Shiro High School boys' rhythmic gymnastics team. He is currently in his third year of high school.


Takase is larger in build compared to the rest of the characters. He has relatively sharp and intimidating features, with upturned eyes and usually furrowed eyebrows. His eyebrows are a notable shape, splitting into two tails at the arch. He has short, dark red hair that is usually pushed back. His eyes are a brown color.

He wears his purple and white tracksuit zipped up all the way to the collar. His practice attire consists of a regular, dark gray t-shirt decorated with a white, lowercase b on the left chest area, as well as red shorts.


Toru has a very strong and stubborn, but also quite serious personality. He has a very intimidating demeanor, and his rigid features do nothing to help this. Despite this, though, he can be quite immature, taking jabs at Ao High School's gymnastics team (particularly Masamune) and acting condescendingly towards said team's captain.

In contrast to this, he takes gymnastics seriously. And while he does get a kick out of insulting the Ao High team (particularly Masamune), he acknowledges that they are capable and skilled, which shows that he has a more mature disposition when it comes to gymnastics.


  • He is caught between his father, a tuna fisherman, and his maternal grandfather, a generations-old apple farmer.